Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Little Sunshine

I'm a part of the Eastern Washington Etsy Team and we have some pretty talented people in our group. One of my favs is Rachel and her shop, "My Little Sunshine". In addition to having an awesome blog, Rachel sells handmade jewelry and vegan chapstick. I ♥ the stuff she makes. I recently ordered her Lily Belle earrings and I always get compliments when I wear them. They are made of vintage beads. I believe these are from 1940's Japan. The other thing I bought was a tube of Key Lime Pie lip gloss. OH. MY. WORD. I've been craving lime all summer, so this was divine...until Katie ate it. I was SO MAD! I had to immediately pull up Rachels site and order more. What I love about the stuff is that it lasts so much longer than regular chapstick. It feels good on my lips and smells so yummy. I will not be going to deliver Shawn without it. She promptly sent me more chapstick and even threw an extra in for good measure, in case Katie gets hungry again. Another thing I love about My Little Sunshine is that the shipping is dirt cheap, and it only takes a day to get here since Mrs. R lives in Spokane. Love your shop, Rachel! Well wishes to you!


always sunny said...

awww...look at this!
thank you so much. it's really a treat to get to work with you and i love every second of it! thank you for making such a rock star blog!

Amy J. said...

What is it about kids eating chapstick and lipgloss. I am sure it is because it smells sooo good. I will have to check out her amazing site! Glad you are home safe and sound.

The Mohs-Taylor Dayz said...

you know i LOVE that it's VEGAN!!!!i will have to chech it out!
MUCH kudos on all your awesome crafty creations and success, Paula! This is SO awesome! and i love that sarah's doing the co-op. when are you going to start with katie? (now!)

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