Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby Leg Warmers

Remember in the 80's when all the cool girls had legwarmers? I remember wearing some to ballet lessons when I was about Sarah's age. Did you know they are making a comeback? Oh, yeah, they so are! I frequent the CraigsList Pregnancy Forum, and all the soon-to-be moms are chatting about baby leg warmers. How dumb, I thought. Why can't they just wear pants? Then I saw the light. These things are not only totally cute, but practical as well. All summer, my girls ran around in dresses and I thought that now that the cold is coming, they would have to wear pants again. Oh, no, my friends, they do not wear pants everyday. They wear LEG WARMERS. If you have read a bit of this blog, you know I've been making my own cloth diapers. How bad would that suck if I made all these cute dipes for Shawn, and then I had to put pants over them? Oh, no my friends, his diapers will be seen, and he'll wear baby leg warmers to cover those squishy little thighs. I got a few pairs on etsy from FateGoddess's shop Crawler Covers and More, and they rocked so much, I had to get twice as many more. Sarah never wants to take them off. In the future when my little tyke starts crawling, he won't get chaffed knees, because he'll have these rad legwarmers to wear. I bid on like every pair on ebay. Target sells them, too, and I hear you might be able to get a good sale. Don't be jealous of my cuties, go get your own baby leg warmers!

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