Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now selling on Art Fire

A member of my etsy team told me about Art Fire tonight and I went to go check it out. The site is rudimentary, still in beta testing, but you can't beat the cheap monthly unlimited listing fee. Right now it's $7 a month for life and there are about 3000 slots left at that price. If you get 10 other people to join you can get it free for life. It's a lot like Etsy, but cheaper with less frills (so far). It's been on my mind lately to find more venues to sell, and Art Fire looked like it could be a good thing for CutieFruity. If you are interested in selling at Art Fire, please list me as your reffering seller when you sign up. It will say "artfire user name", and that's where you type CutieFruity. I hope it will work out as well for me as Etsy has. Not trying to claim loyalty to one or the other (since Art Fire is really a copycat), just trying to use all my options. You can sign up here.

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Unknown said...

Hello Paula,

I'm just stopping by to say "Welcome to ArtFire"! We are still in beta, but we're working hard to make ArtFire the best it can be. We welcome member suggestions and feedback, because after all, the site is for you!

Please let me know if you need anything. I'm here to help!

Director of Member Engagement

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