Friday, March 13, 2009

Rapid Cart powered by ArtFire

Here to my right you can see the new Shop CutieFruity feature. I love it. This handy gadget allows you to shop from my ArtFire shop without signing up for the site, unlike Etsy. No username or password to remember, just shop. You can buy right from the blog! I encourage all of you who have discovered how in love you are with Etsy, PUH-LEASE go check out ArtFire. It's just as cool...if not cooler. I'm still deciding, but this little guy right here got ArtFire a one-up from me for sure.

Oh! and my White Camisole Belly Band was the featured item of the hour tonight. I missed it since I was out partying with my friends. Does pizza and movie night at the in-laws while the kids play together count as partying? meh.

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