Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm tired

Really, really tired. Summer is here, it's hot, and I just don't want to move. It seems that everything that can go wrong can go wrong lately. My serger is broken. My camera is broken. My A/C is broken. My daughter's glasses are broken. My toaster is broken (which is the least of my worries). On the bright side, my new computer is up and running and I *think* I have all the kinks worked out, that was a whole ordeal in itself.
So, in all this tiredness bordering on PPD, I'm taking an etsy break for a while. Sewing has become work to me, and not fun right now. I've sewn well over 1000 belly bands and I need to step away for a while. I need to do some exploring in other types of craft and finish projects for me and my family that I have put off for a long time. I still have all the stuff my mom makes in the shop, but the belly bands are gone for now. I want to have the fire again, and I hope it will be back shortly. maybe after I get a full nights rest and a working air conditioner.

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