Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Why do I have the worst luck with my equipment? I just want to vent a little here. I'm bitter first off that I have to pay to have this stuff fixed, let alone that it broke in the first place. First it was my camera. I've had it a year and a half and all the sudden it just dies. Won't turn on. Mid picture, just gives up. NOT CONVENIENT! I was about to list all my moms new stuff for the shop. Plus, I've got this cute baby over here, that is getting all his baby pics taken on a stupid clicker camera from the convenience store.
Now my serger. Are you KIDDING me? It looks like everything is fine, and then when I actually try and sew, one set of stitches isn't working at all. Then this God awful noise of metal hitting metal, what I would think is a needle breaking, but then I still see nothing wrong. If this is a result of some kid sticking more pins in my machine, I'm going to be furious.
So now my new computer is here. I'm scared to death to pull it out of the box. What if it breaks a day after the warranty expires, too??? I can't handle this. I'm off to sew some orders that should have been out yesterday on my sewing machine the "old fashioned" way.
I want to watch a movie later, but my husband was unable to hook up our new dvd player last night because our RF modulator also died between unhooking the old one, and hooking up the new one. I gotta get a break, here.

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always sunny said...

what the hell?! do you have high EMF fields or something?! jeeze. you might want to call the Ghost Hunters in to see why this is happening. it's too much all at once and it's not fair.

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