Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ah, those summer nights

I just spent a few hours out in my garden, my kids playing next to me in the dirt, baby by my side, curiously examining the cat and the grass. It was so frefreshing to unplug for just a little while and get out of this house. I know being a work-at-home-mom doesn't mean that I have to be IN the house, but that is usually where I am.
I hate summers because it is just so stinking hot. I want siesta. But the nights here? Heavenly. I love to spend time outside on the summer nights. In the garden, out cooking, camping, playing games on the porch, eating watermelon, visiting with family until well after the sun goes down.
But...I just realized that now that my husband is working with the boy scouts again, I get Wednesday night TV all to myself. SYTYCD: I missed the bad auditions, but I'm on my way! What do you like to do on summer nights?

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Sarah Rabe said...

I just love the light outside at dusk! I'm still in the 'clean up the yard' stages of my outside time but I hauled wheelbarrows full of old shingles off while the boys enjoyed the slip 'n' slide today.

My Grandma always says that outside air makes kids behave better and it's definitely true for us. I've been reading your blog for a while but I'm just now getting my act together with subscribing and commenting! I go by partsandlabor in the forum. :0)

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