Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pioneer Day Costumes

100_2401 100_2404 100_2406 100_2410a As a former theater costumer, I always try to replicate things to the best of my ability and historical accuracy. I’m a nerd like that. This site was really helpful in designing the costumes. I was bummed when my oldest wanted her outfit a certain way, even though I didn’t think it would be as nice. Whatever. The customer (not costumer) is always right, I guess. Her bonnet turned out great and her shoes were good for the period.

The boy’s vest is made of wool and is one of the most nicely put together things I have made in a long time. I knew that there was no such things as plastic buttons, and I had some that look like wood, so used those. I flipped his collar in because a flat collar was the style of the day. His hat I rushed and made in 45 minutes and it was all wonky, but he rocked it. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The middle got to wear this pinafore I made of an old tablecloth. I am in love with it. Kids used to wear pinafores all the time for play and meals to protect their beautiful clothes. They didn’t have entire closets full of $3 t-shirts and $5 dresses from wal-mart. I made everything my kids are wearing with the exception of their shoes. I love that! All the materials are upcycled, too. Can you tell my kids are wearing tablecloths and curtains?

The church had a dinner to celebrate and the kids were invited to dress up and have the costumes judged. Sarah was given an award for strongest pioneer girl (totally generic), but the other two children (that didn’t argue with me about my sewing) won “Best Pioneer” girl and boy. I know every kid gets an award, but I felt pretty special that my kids were the “best”. Again, I’m a nerd like that.

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