Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Katie’s Dance Mini and a tiny tute

KJEN_Katie_preview_webKnittinJen is working her way through the CT kids, using them as inspiration for mini-kits. We’ve seen the mini for Luke and Chawndelle, and today comes Katie. My daughter! Katie is my middle. She loves purple. She likes to dance. She is a good singer. She doesn’t like housework (who does?!). She is a little sassy four-year-old, usually with smudged cheeks, tangled hair, and glasses, and I love her soooo much! The little blond ballerina with the glasses is her absolute favorite thing in this kit. Gee…I wonder why?

here’s how I made the photo fade on this page in PSE:

1. layer two copies of the photo on one layer of paper.

2. click the elliptical marquee tool and set the feather up to 200

3. Create a shape just cutting off the corners and edges of the bottom photo. I had to start way off the edge of the LO.

4. do the same with the top photo, but do it just around the face. In my layers palette I now have a paper, with an oval picture of her whole body on top, and then on the very top layer all I can see is the close up of her face. I hope that helps!CF_princess katie

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