Wednesday, November 3, 2010

handmade Costume Contest

If you didn't know that CutieFruity is having a costume contest on the facebook page, you obviously haven't "liked" it yet. There is a little box over on the right there that your face will magically appear in when you click the "like" button. Doooo iiiiiiit. you know you want to.  

The rules: Costumes must be homemade. They have to be from this year. Adults or children can qualify.
The Judging: The winner will be chosen by the fans on the FB page. Whichever picture has the most likes is the winner. I do realize this is totally unscientific and will just be a popularity contest in the end, but I hope that the fans will vote according to who really did make the best costume [much akin to last year when I lost a contest because I voted for my friend who's Colonel Sanders and Chick costumes were markedly cuter than my SeaBee].
The Prize: an unprecedented $20 credit for any CutieFruity,  in the store or not. If you can dream it, I just might be able to do it--but only $20 worth. This includes scrap for hire.
To Enter: Send your picture and name to by Thursday night midnight. In all reality, you could probably send it in any time before the judging is over next Wednesday, but the judging starts Friday at...oh let's say noon. Maybe sooner or later in the day, depending on how rowdy my children are. You just never know. Kids are unpredictable like that.

I hope you send in some awesome pictures because the ones I have already are pretty fetchin' cool. Good Luck!
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