Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It’s My Birthday

Okay, so it’s not MY birthday (July 25th, in case you want to mark your calendar…I’ll wait…) But it was my daughter Katie’s birthday this month, and she turned five. It’s My Birthday by HD Creations was the kit I used to scrap the pictures from K’s princess party.

Katie wanted a princess themed party.

-As guests arrived we made crowns for each princess. Bottom left of the layout.
-We then played Kiss the Frog Prince, a version of pin the tail on the donkey, but with kissies instead of tails. Bottom right of the layout.
- The girls enjoyed Princess and the Pea a lot more than I thought they would. (Top left) They each sat on pillows. One girl would leave the room while another hid a tennis ball under one of the pillows. The girl who was out of the room would then try to guess which princess had the pea.
-Princess Memory: I have a personal pet peeve with Disney princesses. Most are flighty and man-dependent, not to mention dress immodestly. Not really the role-models I want for my girls. So I made a memory game (in photoshop, of course) with pictures of REAL princesses in their fanciest clothing (wow, real princesses are much more modest than Jasmine and Ariel). Then the girls had to find the matches. I used princesses like Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark, Letizia, Princess of Asturias (Spain), Crown Princess Masako of Japan, and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, to name a few. I hunted down photos of them on google images (same with my little frog prince)
-Then, of course, we busted out the cake, candles, and pink sherbet ice cream whilst singing the birthday song.

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