Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Birth Certificate

This week I had the pleasure (no, seriously, it was awesome) of giving birth at home to my 7lb5oz, 20in son, Benjamin. The only caveat was that when it came time to print his footprints onto that fake little birth certificate they normally give you at the hospital, we didn’t have one! I grabbed a sheet of cardstock and we put his footprints on that. Since then, I’ve created a birth certificate that you can use for your own homebirth, if you are planning one. I gave my midwife a stack of these so that she wouldn’t be caught without one again, and told her to email me any stats if she wants more typed as new babies come earthside. I’ve decided to give away what I’ve created in PDF, PSD, and PNG forms so that you can make your own if you’d like to. The PDF comes in pink and blue, and the PSD has pink, blue, and yellow background layers, or you can add your own. They are all in one direct download and commercial use by birth personnel is allowed. Happy Birthing!




Tammy said...

Congratulations!! I had 3 of my 7 at home. Best experiences ever!!

Mom2mykids said...

Congratulations from another Paula! I live in Kennewick; are you in Pasco? We're practically neighbors! I'm going to subscribe to your blog. Somehow I don't think I've ever been here before! Thanks for the blog train papers, by the way ... !!

RoseAddict said...

Congratulations, and what a great (and cute) idea for the certificates!

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