Friday, June 22, 2012

Woolly Bully

In 2009, at age 5, my daughter entered the Mutton Bustin’ competition at our county fair and rodeo. I was so proud of her for getting on the sheep not once, but twice! Once for prelims and then the finals. She got drug on the ground a ways during the prelims and I was kind of worried, but knew she’d be okay with her dad, papa, and all their friends there. I couldn’t believe it when they announced her finals score and it was the highest of the night! Listening as 5000 PRCA Rodeo fans cheered her on during her victory ride was my most exciting mommy moment to that date.

I’ve been holding off scrapping about it for a long time because I want the perfect kit. I never found it, so I had to make one. And that, my fellow scrappers, is how Woolly Bully came to be. It’s stuffed with 40 elements, 20 papers, and an alpha. There is also a separate pack of glitters available. You can pick them up HERE.



Let’s see what my CT and I came up with, shall we? Here are layouts from Denise, Kimberly, Kelly, and myself.

And here is the Mutton Bustin’ Champion herself, all tuckered out, but still excited after her amazing night.

I have a template freebie in 8.5x11 and 12x12 to go with this kit via exclusive download on facebook. Click the like button HERE to get it! Thanks for stopping by!

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