Saturday, August 30, 2008


Pregnant women are notorious for their weird cravings. Lately mine has been mozzarella sticks. I've been finding excuses to leave the house in the afternoons so I can make a run to Jack in the Box or Sonic to indulge myself (and the baby, right, because I'm eating for two, you know). I finally had my craving for Key Lime Pie satisfied at a friend's wedding this week. Then yesterday I downed a bag of cinnamon bears. Now I'm craving apples. I think God is so smart to make all the fruits and vegetables ripen right when our bodies need them, and apples are in season. No wonder my body is telling me to bake some in lots of cinnamon. I found myself browsing etsy trying to find ways to bring my cravings from my plate, to my shower, and here's what I found:

Fresh Baked Apple from BareBummBath

Hazelnut Truffle from gee1058

Chocolate Bar from RachelRene

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