Monday, September 15, 2008

Cutie Fruity Cheerleader

Sarah wants to be a cheerleader for Halloween, so I whipped up this PHS uniform and she totally adores it. I figure if she wears it to all the football games and stuff, we can get some good use out of it before and after Halloween. She'll of course wear a turtleneck and leggings underneath to keep warm. I decided to offer these on my Etsy site, too. So, for $40, you can have your girl dressed up in their very own custom made Cutie Fruity. I'm really excited about it. So is my little model. I'm happy that it's a little small on her. That means that next year I can make a bigger one and give this one to Katie.

My Mom and Dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary tonight. We went out to dinner with them and my brothers to a great new BBQ place in town. Mom and Dad had some custom jewelry made and exchanged it there. They didn't even look at it beforehand. Mom got a new wedding ring, using the stone from her engagement ring, and Dad got a tie tack that matched it. Then they announced that they were going to finally take a honeymoon to the Big Island. They went to Hawaii a few years ago and it sounds like they liked it enough to go again. I'm so glad that my parents are still together all these years, and even though they sometimes whine about the other (I have adopted this unfortunate behavior with my sweetheart), they always make a point to let us kids know that they love one another. I'm pretty sure they do...right, Mom? Dad? I think getting over this milestone of 30 years has brought them even closer together.

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Amy J. said...

OK That is so NOT fair that you simply "whipped" this costume up. My mom's talent of sewing did not land in my lap. You are amazing! So cute cute cute!

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