Monday, August 25, 2008

Cutie Fruity hits 100 sales!

I just looked at the counter under my profile on Etsy and found that I've now had 100 sales! That's so exciting! I hope people are pleased with thier CutieFruities. From the feedback I have received, it seems so. Today I shipped to Australia and Canada, as well as Pittsburg and Spokane. I usually ship from home, but today I needed some stamps, so I went in to the post office...with my kids. BIG MISTAKE. We talked about how we act in the post office before we even got in the car and for some reason, they did the complete opposite of everything we discussed. Kids were running around screaming, all while I had to stand there and fill out all these dumb customs forms. I knew I should have just done it at home. I went crazy. They were very sad that I wouldn't take them into the bank after that. Can you blame me?

I got some PUL fabric (polyurethane laminate--imparative in modern cloth diaper construction) in the mail on Saturday that I ordered 2 weeks ago. I was SO excited to get it. I did the Happy Dance all the way back to the house from the mailbox. I sewed 5 diapers out of it this weekend. I'm experimenting with some different techniques, but the design is still not perfected yet. I'm getting closer all the time. I did one with Navy fabric and it is SO cute!

Congratulations to my Sweet Nephew Tyler on his first day of school today!!! He said that he enjoyed reading time and that his feet got really hot because they wouldn't let him take his shoes and socks off. I feel you there, Buddy! Condolences to my dad, who had to put down Reflection, one of his favorite horses, last night due to colic. Also to the Fords, our dear friends, on the loss of thier dog, Boxie, who was 14.

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