Friday, August 22, 2008


We L-O-V-E the Fair. We look forward to it every year. last night was the first time I went pregnant. I HAD to get some food! We ate and ate and ate. We got to the fairgrounds pretty late by our standards. The first thing we did was grab one of those monster burritos. I wanted to get started early to pace myself. Then we headed over to the home economics building. As soon as I saw my CutieFruities I was overjoyed because they got BLUE RIBBONS!!! Finally! I've never got a blue with my sewing and I knew this had to be the year. Mysteriously, one of the outfits had no ribbon. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I hope it will be resolved when I go to pick them up. We saw all the animals that the girls wanted to see. Chickens (Sarah's fav), rabbits, cows (Katie's fav), llamas, pigs, sheep. We missed the rodeo with my mom and dad because there was just too much to see in so little time. Sarah went on a ride with her daddy and then it was my turn to take Katie on the carousel, but the guy would not permit me to ride "in my condition". I turned to John and shouted, "They won't let me ride cuz I'm too fat!" People in line were shocked until I weaved through and they all saw my pregnant belly. I was so bummed. The carousel? Honestly. John took Katie on, but she didn't really want anything to do with it. She won't ride a real horse, why did I think she would ride a fake one? We ended the night with an elephant ear, funnel cake, and a giant peach lemonade. YUM! We all had a great time and I'm not as sore after 3 hours of walk/waddling as I thought I would be. I"m in my third trimester now and it seems overnight I have all these crazy symptoms, like insomnia. Argh.

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