Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looking forward

Today I turned in my last assignment of the semester, and what a relief it was. Tonight we went to Relief Society Enrichment night. We (my mom and I) got there late, so I only gathered up the materials to make a FHE board. I'm so excited that I will actually have time to finish it at home! My husband was great to watch the girls for me and even made dinner for them. Either he saved me a plate, or he overestimated how much the girls would eat. Either way, I am such a lucky girl to be married to him.
I am so excited to work on more Cutie Fruities, too. My mom has been selling a lot of bibs from my shop. Today she sold a Tuxedo bib and the gal wants it custom made for her "James Bond". I think it will look really cute. The medical bibs are the best sellers and it's always nice when someone takes an interest in something different.

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