Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today I did nothing

Well, not really, I'm a mom. I can't really do NOTHING. I didn't do any homework, that's for sure. But even though I'm done, I still woke up feeling anxious, like I had to jump into my school work. Instead I surfed the net, did dishes, did laundry, did some research for Cutie Fruity, and then created a baby registry for Shawn.

People around here don't get the whole baby registry thing. I never really did either, but it is quite popular in other parts of the country. I'm having a baby shower next month. I know I do not NEED a baby shower, but circumstances what they are, I'm getting one, and I am very excited about it. My problem is that I want to be choosy about what I get. I only want or need a few things, and how can I let people know what they are if I don't tell them with a registry. I ended up registering at because they actually have cloth diapers.

Yes, you heard me, cloth diapers. I've made the the decision to cloth diaper my baby. I've been trying it our on Katie and it seems to be working just fine. I actually like it better. She loves to take her diaper off and run around naked, but with a paper diaper, I can only put it back on her so many times before it just falls apart. Cloth is so much sturdier, and she actually prefers it when I let her choose. She just doesn't like the ugly olive green diaper I have. That's the only one she won't keep on, because she wants the cute ones. And they are CUTE! I am in the proccess of making a bunch in the next few months, and I'm really excited about it. I hope people will buy off my registry so that I can get some of the things I need for CDing, like a toilet diaper sprayer (no dunking anymore, you older ladies who remember) and a diaper pail. Cloth diapering has been great so far, so don't knock it. I find I'm becoming more granola every day!

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