Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lots of Sewing

Yesterday I sewed a few cloth diapers. I just LOVE them. The last one I did is the first one that I haven't screwed up. I usually can't catch all the layers in my fold-over-elastic and then I have to go back and stitch it again. I cannot WAIT to put that cute diaper on Shawn's little butt! Katie likes hers, too.

Last night I had several orders, so while I usually only work in the morning for CutieFruity, I had to sew last night. My thread kept breaking and it was driving me CRAZY! Today before I started, I said a little prayer and things went much more smoothly. I've been fighting this spool for so long, I should just buy a new one. One of my great Cutie Fruity customers bought my favorite booties from the shop today. That made me so happy and I hope she likes them. .


Melissa said...

Wow! They look so comfy! I may have to think about that for my next kid.

mama said...

These are really cute!

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