Sunday, September 20, 2009

We have lockers and not a dresser

As you may have noticed from my laundry post a few days ago, the kids room has lockers in it and not a dresser. I picked up this set of lockers from a surplus sale shortly after we moved into our house. The college in town was remodeling the student union building and other parts of various buildings. All the old sturdy furniture was sent to a warehouse downtown and there was a silent auction. I think I spent $36 or something like that on this 3x5 set of lockers (that hold all my kids' clothes, all the diapers, baby blankets, books and toys, on one wall), two coffee tables, and three stacking padded chairs. The lockers were in perfect shape, but orange. We propped them up against the shop wall to wait for painting. Then my husband bought a transfer case and put it right in front of the lockers. Then a strong wind came. A VERY strong wind. The panel of lockers fell onto it and smashed in one door right smack in the middle. We call that one the ugly locker. I've tried taking it off, and hammering it out, but I've never been able to fix it. I spray painted them yellow so that they would match whatever decor I thought any of my kids might want in the future. There are holes in the back wall of the panel, so I drilled screws all over the place to bolt it to the wall in the kids' room. This was crucial because that thing is heavy, and kids like to climb. Anyway. Long boring version there. That's the deal with the lockers. they hold more and take up less space. Plus, magnets stick to them. Pretty rad. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for sales like this if schools in your town are renovating.

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