Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 more days until Christmas!

I made a few of these wire wrapped rings today after looking up some tutes on youtube. I've been admiring these at craft shows and artfire for a few months. I did these two for my daughter and I. She loves hers. I'm getting better with practice and I'd love to make a ring for one of you! I don't have sizes down to an exact science (I don't have the tools for that), but I'm sure I can make one to fit at least one of your 10 fingers. To enter, leave a comment here saying what your favorite kind of cookie is. I know you have been eating tons of them. I'll pull winners for this next week.

If you still want to enter the drawing for the legwarmers, you better do it today because it closes tomorrow. I want to get it to you before the big day if I can.


Amy J. said...

Paula I LOVE these!!!! It has been a super long time since I have seen a ring that makes me want to were it and those are awesome!!!! I would soooo love to win.

My favorite cookie...chocolate chip slightly on the uncooked side! :)

Erin Cazier said...

I love these, and would love to have one.

My favorit cookie is the Samoa Girlscout cookies.
My favorite home made cookie is a good old fashioned chewy chocolate chip. Mmmmmm.

Verlyn said...

I love warm chocolate chip cookies with milk of course!

Laura Graham said...

How beautiful! I love oatmeal cookies with no raisins.

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