Monday, February 1, 2010

FLYlady schedule

I have been flying for about a month now. After the first week or two, I started to feel really good about how I was doing as a housekeeper, wife, and mom I am happier because my house is cleaner and I don't beat myself up anymore if it's not perfect. I made a schedule, personalized for me, of my routines, that I stuck in a sheet protector and taped it onto my cupboard. I cross off each item with a dry erase marker and there is plenty of room to write what zone I am supposed to be working in and what the special mission of the day is. I guess this is my control journal. I feel so happy and like I'm in a really good groove now that I never want to get out of.

Getting these daily routines set has given me the confidence to pull my daughter out of school and homeschool her. The difference this has made in the spirit in our home is amazing.  It's been a week now since she came home. She no longer comes home stressed out, frustrated, or tired. She has learned a TON over the week of personalized lessons, and my other children are picking up on it, too. After school is done, they go play or read. The TV is on less, and I am more patient. There is less fighting overall.

If it wasn't for FLYlady, I never would have felt like I could have made that leap. I never imagined that developing routines, setting the timer, and feeling like it's okay if things aren't perfect, would have changed my life so much. I hope that this wonderful week has not been a fluke. I'm going to do my best to make sure that it wasn't.

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Amy J. said...

If you have kept it up for a week it is NOT a fluke! Way to go girl! I am so glad things are going in the direction that you want them...and the less fighting, less TV a definate plus! Keep us posted on the Homeschooling! Hooray for YOU!

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