Thursday, February 11, 2010

T-shirt hack: peasant top

I saw this tutorial by Obsessively Stitching and fell in love with how easy this is! I cut off the collar and the bottom of the sleeve, stitched around the top with some elastic thread and voila! I resurrected an old t-shirt that I never wore anymore! If you don't have a serger to finish the edges, you can also fold the edge under and encase elastic. Elastic thread is really simple to work with, just wind it by hand onto a bobbin without stretching it, and use it as you would a normal bobbin. The only thing I would have done different is making the collar cut just barely over the shoulder seam, and cutting the sleeve off just over the sleeve seem. The shoulders on this are on the skinny side for my taste. AND, I would not have cleaned up the bacon grease on my griddle after I made this either. Thirty minutes after my 6 year old took this photo, I got a three inch splat of bacon grease right in the middle of the shirt. I think that the baby "helping" me had something to do with it. And I also think that the stain finally came out in the last washing. Maybe I can wear this out in public now!


Care said...

I love the extra line of shirring under the bustline.

It's fabulous!

CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Tutorials category today (look for timestamp: [16 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

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