Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Valentine's 2010

These are the valentines we made this year for the homeschool kids v-day party. It was a few weeks ago, but I thought we would share. We got our ideas from hosted by Disney. There were tons of great ideas there! Katie chose these airplanes and we made labels for each that say "Come fly with me, Valentine!" It was really hard to find rubberbands at the grocery store and I think I would have had better luck at an office supply store. She cut each lifesaver out of it's wrapper and stuck the smarties in when I got the lifesavers threaded. 

Sarah chose to make flowers like these and made a label for the bottom with her name on it. the label helps hold everything together. I cut everything out and she threaded the petals and leaves on the lollipop sticks. She had a blast.

For the boxes we just decorated some plain gift bags, but I have to say that these were the cutest boxes at the party. I was so in awe when I saw two brothers carry them in. They used bigger boxes and many eyes. SO CUTE!

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Jules AF said...

Those are so cute. My nephew just gave out plain valentines, and I had to joke that my sister-in-law made him the unpopular kid... You should have seen the loot he got! I, as the loving aunt, helped him eat it all. haha

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