Thursday, February 18, 2010

ugly coat==>cuter coat

My "frugal" Sister-in-Law picked up this warm dress coat from a thrift store. It has a fabulous wool zip in liner and at $14, I know she couldn't help but get it to take to the mission field. It fits her well (this is me modeling and it's way too big), but it's just really dowdy. We decided to cut a foot off the bottom (the "before" pic is after that. Seriously, this thing practically touched the floor. Not a good thing if you are walking in snow) and used that material and black fleece to make the plaque, then added some chunky buttons. The plaque was created to make it look like it's double breasted, even though it isn't.  If I had the time before she left for Tulsa, I would have taken the cuffs off the sleeves and affixed them to the shoulders. I also made a fleece hat to go with it, but it ended up fitting the kids better than my sister. Quality photography by my 5 year old.

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