Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I-Spy swap (or eye-spy, if you prefer it like I do)

The MADE blog has got me and a lot of other bloggers hyped up on I-Spy. I was able to get in on a swap with Joanna at the Project Corner. We cut 20 4-inch squares out of 10 different novelty fabrics. Do the math, that is 200 squares boys and girls. We did snowmen, stars, flags, turtles, cats, and dogs, and some other things I don't remember. It was a great way to get rid of some of the stuff in my stash.  My girls and I had a blast cutting them out and the oldest one insisted on ironing them. I've learned not to argue with her. I sent off all my squares and Joanna split the 200 squares that the 20 other ladies sent in. That is 4000 squares that Joanna had to divvy up and keep track of, making sure every one had 200 different squares by the end of the swap. I just got my self addressed package this week and it is fabulous! 

The children and I headed to the thrift store to find some sheets to use for the back of the quilt and a thick blanket to use as batting because I'm cheap. I ended up getting a polyester mattress pad and the weirdest looking turquoise with zebra stripe sheet for the back. I think we decided that this will end up being a play/picnic blanket. What fun it will be to play on and around with my little ones, looking for bears, cars, lobsters, etc on our eye-spy quilt. 

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kim* said...

o my! i am going to check this out now!!!!!!!!!!

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