Monday, March 8, 2010

Eye-Spy scrap pillow

After cutting out all of our blocks for the eye-spy swap, we had several scraps left over. What good would a quilt be without a matching pillow? Right? (probably still a decent quilt with many uses, but who argues with children when they have a good idea?) Just kinda pieced them together willy-nilly and can't complain too much about the result. I meant for it to be the first in a set of place mats, but after putting it together, decided that it would be my last and we stuffed it instead.
As a bonus, here is a pic of me in my everyday state. At the dining room table, rushing to finish my project before I have to cook dinner, baby on my lap, no make up, in front of my sewing machine (complete with Tinkerbell sticker), Kindergartner with a camera, and clipped threads and fabric pieces all over the floor a beautiful, freshly mopped floor without a speck of a mess.

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