Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Eye Spy quilt is almost done!

Last week my daughter and I finished up the eye spy quilt (except the binding) with no time to spare before her end-of-the-year school picnic. This quilt was made with the intention of using it on such occasions. While the kids were outside doing this:man oh man that water is cold! (thanks, sis, I really appreciate that!)

I was inside making a quilt top out of all the squares I put together a while back. 100_1960

use masking tape!

First, I taped the backing onto the floor since I have no quilt stands. I used this duct tape only because it was cheapy and I knew it wouldn’t leave glue on my floor or fabric. Painters tape would probably work best. I love using sheets as backing. They are always the perfect size, plus it is a lazy girl’s binding. The edges are already hemmed, to you can just fold them over to the front and sew them down. Thrifted materials? Even better! I used a polyester felted blanket as the batting for this quilt. It’s not so puffy, but just as warm. It has a little stiffness to it which is perfect for our intended use. The sheet and blanket cost me less than $3.  the borders are from the sheet, too, it was a much bigger size than what I needed

what a trooper! Her fingers were starting to hurt

After laying out my now sewn together quilt top, taping it down, and pinning it all over, I pegged down my wild girl long enough for a quick knot tying lesson. She was hooked. She even shooed her friends away when they came to play! We did the whole thing together. I loved every minute.

I just kept it all on the floor and did my best to get my needle in there. With minutes to spare before we were supposed to leave for the picnic, I quickly serged around all the sides.  I promise, SOME DAY I will get this thing off the UFO list. Someday.

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Care said...

I spy the fabrics I contributed to JoAnna's swap in there! :o)

Your quilt is looking fantastic! TOO FUN!!

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