Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost there

It seems like every January and June I have to take a step back, take a break, re-evaluate the reasons why I opened CutieFruity, and what I can do to continue to make it enjoyable. I am blessed to have this hobby/job that I totally love and be able to have it take as little or as much of me as I let it. I think the last month of vacationing has boosted my spirits again and I am ready to open back up in the next week or so and stop neglecting my sweet blog readers. I have new goals, new inspirations, and a refreshed attitude toward the business aspect of CutieFruity. I will pare down some things and spend more energy on others. It makes me happy that I can do that. As I get older, I've realized I have a tendency to put too many irons in the fire. I can do a few things great, or do everything crappy and it's hard to find the balance. 

i am 30

See this? My only entry for “This Scrappers Got Talent” at Stuff to Scrap.  I had too many irons in the fire and had to pull this one out. I do like how it turned out, though!

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