Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to make a ruffled shower curtain

You will need:
1) a white Shower Curtain Liner (or another color if you are wanting something other than white. Look at the thrift store!
2) disappearing ink marker
3) 3-4 yards (if you have a serger) or 5-6 (if you only have a sewing machine) of muslin or whatever color of material you are wanting to use.  Wouldn’t this look great with fading shades of a given hue? red and pinks? blues and greens?
4) a flat space to lay it all out on
5) a long ruler or tape measure
6) 8 yards of grosgrain ribbon

1) mark lines every three inches onto the liner with the  disappearing ink pen
2) tear your muslin into 3 1/4 inch strips (serger method) or 4 inch strips (sewing machine method). Each row of ruffles is 2 strips wide.
3) sew 2 strips end to end to make one ruffle.
4) make a rolled hem on each side of the fabric strip. On one side, gather it. The serger is a really easy way to gather and hem at the same time. You could use a ruffle foot on your sewing machine, or just use the ease method while pinning the ruffle to the curtain.
5) Pin the ruffles to the curtain along the lines you drew. Work up from the bottom. On mine, I didn’t have enough fabric to cover the entire thing with ruffles, and I like how it turned out. I placed the majority (I did 7) of the ruffles at the bottom. I skipped one row, and placed three ruffles. I skipped two rows and placed two ruffles. I skipped three rows and placed one ruffle. Overlap the ruffles so that you can’t see the top of the ruffle underneath it.  You will probably only have enough pins to do a few rows at a time. It’s not a bad idea to only do a few rows, even if you do have more pins, so you don’t poke the crud out of yourself.
6) Sew a straight stitch over the ruffle tops.
7) cover the tops of the top ruffles with ribbon to hide imperfections. I used 3/4” grosgrain, but satin would be very chic, I think.
8) Hang up your curtain with liner behind it (the curtain you just made is simply decorative) and ignore your husband’s snide comments about how girly you just made the bathroom look. Happy sewing!


Alida L. said...

That's very pretty!

KasiaJ said...

I love it! It's like a hybrid of some Anthro shower curtains I've seen. You did an awesome job!
I did something sort of similar awhile back for a door to the closet in our master bedroom- woot for ruffles!

Melanie said...

Cute! I say ruffle it up when you've got a little kid toilet seat in there, mama needs something! And that bathroom paint color is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love this!

Linen Shower Curtain said...

Hey Dude,

Really you are amazing. Your style of presentation is so nice. I love this shower curtain. Its looking very stylish and eye catching. I think these are the most demand full design today's market.

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