Friday, August 21, 2009

Kids Craft - spools and scraps

My daughter pulled out her sewing machine this week after I gave her an empty bobbin to play with. Her sewing machine is an old one of mine that broke. It's been quite beat up since she inherited it. She pretended that she was sewing and that all the empty spools she collected were filled with beautiful threads. We got out the box of fabric scraps I have under my desk and went to town making those spools a little more fun. We found a purple scrap, which was one of the colors she was pretending that she already had. I butt the straight edge along one side of the empty spool and then drew a line along the other edge with a pen. Then she cut along the line and made a rectangle.I had her put glue on the spool. It would probably hold up better over time with hot glue.
We wrapped the rectangle of fabric around the spool and squished the fabric into it. Then we put more glue on the end and pasted it down, too.
Now she has more realistic thread to play with. My other kids like to stack the spools or pretend that they are cars. I knew she was on to something.

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