Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ridiculous Pranks: The Finley Ghost

My friend Sonja has always been a fun loving joker. I remember riding around in her monster van in high school, laughing my buns off the whole way. This week she had me laughing again, even though I haven't seen her in years. Since I last saw her, she has married, bore two handsome sons, and started her own photography business, but some things never change. She is still hilarious in her own twisted way.
When we were teenagers, I recall her telling the story of the Finley Ghost, and I was kind of sad she never took me to see it back then. Finley is a small town that neighbors ours. After I found her and her blog, I laughed at this post where she introduces her future husband to the Finley Ghost and her weird sense or humor. Then this week, she introduced her sons to the Finley Ghost. You can read about that and watch the videos here and here. My favorite line of the whole thing is where she says "Why would I joke about something so serious?" What? Little ole' me? Joke? NEVER! (insert evil laugh here). There are many other funny pranks on her blog too. Remember rattlesnake eggs? Or maybe this?
I may need a disclaimer here. Sonja is a really good mom, a good friend, and, as you can see, loves to have a good time. Fortunately for her, her boys are from the same gene pool and can take a joke. :)


Sonja said...

haha, Paula, if I die - I want you to speak at my funeral.

Amy J. said...

OH my gosh! Isn't it crazy that I have lived here since the second grade and I had NEVER heard of the Finley Ghost until just last Saturday!!! I always think it is so wierd when you hear about something and then you hear about it again immedietly after. CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

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