Thursday, September 17, 2009

Truly Amazing

I feel like I'm getting more done than ever before. At least since I got pregnant last. That is like a year and a half of unproductivity, with the exception of when I was nesting, which was also a huge disappointment. So sad. Well, I'm truly truly happy that Wonder Wife (my alter ego who bakes, plays with her kids, cleans, sews, exersizes, and doesn't waste time on the internet) has come back these last few weeks, bringing with her a happy planner that helps me stay organized. So lucky we are! What amazes me is that Wonder Wife got ALL the laundry done! AND...[wait for it]...PUT AWAY. What?!?! No pile of a weeks worth of clean clothes on the couch? Oh, no, ladies, for the time being, the Taylors' clothes are clean, folded, and stacked neatly where they belong. Can we stop time? I need to enjoy this for a little bit before the clothes get dirty again.

Since taking this picture, the baby pulled all the clothes out of the bottom locker. My oldest picked them up off the floor and shoved them back in there. When I washed yesterday's laundry and was putting it away I asked her if she wanted me to pull it all back out and refold it, or just shove the newly washed stuff in there like all the rest. "Just shove it in there, mom". I kind of like her way of thinking. [just shut the locker, walk away and noooobody will knoooooww.]

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Amy J. said...

OK so maybe I missed a post somewhere but I need to hear the story behind those awesome lockers. Are they in the kids room? Please tell!

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