Tuesday, September 15, 2009

first attempt with elastic thread: success!

I finally tried my hand at elastic thread last month. It was so fun! I've used this pattern quite a bit, and the thread made it a lot easier to gather the sleeves and make the shorts underneath into bloomers. I used two rows a little above the hems about 1/4 inch apart to gather them and keep them flexible and comfortable to wear. To use elastic thread you wind the bobbin with the thread (I did it by hand) and use a regular thread for the top. It was really easy to use. The first row that I did didn't gather like I expected it to, but with subsequent rows, it got tighter.
For the bloomers, I recycled the elastic band out of my husbands worn out underwear. I ALWAYS rip off elastics, clips, and buttons from whatever I might be getting rid of (unless I am donating it). I usually enclose these in a casing of a new pair of shorts for the kids. As you can see, Katie is pretty excited about her new outfit :)

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