Thursday, April 1, 2010

An exciting announcement!

Spring is here! I love spring. LOVE IT. It's my very favoritest season ever. The warmer weather and brighter colors help after the dreary cold winter. It has been a crazy few weeks at my house, and oh, how I have missed you.
-We had our "spring break" from the Totally Awesome Totally Fun Homeschool (yes, that is what the name of our school is. Can you tell a kindergartner came up with the name?) while we spent our last week with my husband before he deploys.
-We went on a roadtrip
-We spent time hiking around our city
-We cleaned up our yard
-We threw a going-away party where I smoked a mean brisket and a basketweave bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. J is letting me get all the credit for that. All he did was keep the coals hot. It was a ton of fun.
-The man and I enjoyed a romantic retreat.
-Had family meetings and made sure everyone was really ready after all this talk for dad to leave.
-We learned how to Skype (this has been SUCH a blessing)
-Said goodbye. Oh, man, was that hard.
-I spent the first few days of this week solidifying our routine sans daddy.
-The girls and I set some goals for this year: Bright Minds, Healthy Bodies, Strong Spirit, Clean Home
-Because this is spring break for public school, we have had family visiting and neighbor kids coming over to play. It has taught me to be flexible.

Now the good stuff!
I set a goal a few months ago to be on a digital scrapbooking creative team (CT) and said that as soon as J left, that I would apply for the first CT that had a call. Just my luck, when the very night we took him to the airport, a CT call for Scraps By Andrea was in my blog reader. I applied hurriedly and hoped that she would take me. She is one of my favorite designers at Stuff to Scrap. When I saw the reply, I thought for sure it was a mass email saying "thanks for applying, but after careful consideration, you have not been selected to be on the CT." But NOOO! It said "sorry to send a mass email, but we need to get to work!" I'll take that as a yes! I didn't think I could do it, yet here I am, one of the newest CT members for Scraps by Andrea. yay! In addition to my sewing projects and whatnot, I will also be letting you know when Andrea's new kits debut, show you the layouts I have made with them, and send lots of digiscrap freebies your way. This is going to be fun!

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